About us

The World Language School's mission is to promote the main languages spoken in Switzerland (German, French and Italian), as well as to assist with the integration of foreigners into the Helvetic society.

Located near Zurich main station at Zürich-Altstetten, the WLS offers also English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language services, as well as workshops and lectures in entrepreneurship, integration and more.

The WLS services support professionals interested in learning a foreign language but with limited possibility to attend regular courses. WLS is flexible! We offer busy professionals the possibility to have classes at your workplace, at your most convenient time and day.

Our school offers personalised classes in small group format (maximum 8 students), ensuring an optimised learning process, that can be easily tailored to the students' needs.

WLS has its own methodology of language teaching. Upon course completion, students are able to proficiently use the target language for speaking, reading, listening and writing.

WLS also offer learners field trip opportunities organised for German, French, Italian and Portuguese students with the objective to enhance the learning experience as well as to provide context through immersing the learner into real life situations.

Our school collaborates with therapists who are specialised in assisting learners with language development challenges by providing support on developing supportive learning material tailored to the individual need of the learner.